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Emuze Expertise & Associates (EEA) Services

Emuze Expertise & Associates (EEA) offers excellent expert advice and guidance to organisations ranging from SME contractors to large client organisations. EEA can assist with transforming construction practices, policies, and processes. EEA’s local knowledge and international reach provide the platform for accessing episteme required to enhance production and management systems. The professional background of the Director of EEA, coupled with a reliable network of specialist associates ensures that all transformative business and project needs are addressed to the satisfaction of clients and end-users. 

EEA offer consultancy services in the following areas:


Construction Management (SACPCMP IDoW)

The practice of Construction Management (SACPCMP IDoW):

  • Agree and compile preliminary scope of construction works that is inclusive of the required programme, costing, constructability and method statement documentation.
  • Agree and expedite the required construction and procurement strategies for supply chain appointments in conjunction with defined health and safety schedule, insurances, and the construction management organogram.
  • Manage and administer the real flow and transformation of information and resources (equipment, materials, and people) on a construction site to achieve agreed progress targets.
  • Coordinate, manage and expedite all closing reporting and rectification of defects in the project.


Construction Mentor (SACPCMP IDoW)

The practice of Construction Mentor (SACPCMP IDoW):

  • Agree and establish the potentials for construction mentorship services with an adequate monitoring system.
  • Establish and expedite the scope of the scope of construction mentorship services through a skills audit.
  • Advise and facilitate how the contractor develop and execute construction methods, site establishment, cost control, and resource utilisation on projects.
  • Advise and monitor how the contractor make supply chain appointments in terms of alignment with the construction programme.
  • Advise and facilitate how the contractor undertake construction financing measures to ensure progress of work and the business of construction.
  • Advise and facilitate how the contractor manages and administer on-site construction processes and deliverables.
  • Advise and facilitate how the contractor coordinate and expedite all closing reports and defect rectifications on projects.


Safety, Health and Wellbeing (SACPCMP IDoW)

The practice of Safety, Health and Wellbeing (SACPCMP IDoW):

  • Facilitate and document the project HSW requirements including advising on the competency and resources of consultants. 
  • Advise on construction project HSW risks including financial provisions as necessary. Advice regarding HSW plans of the specialists required including the appointment of specialists.
  • Advice on prevention through design. Advice and agree on the format of the HSW File for the project. 
  • Assist with the evaluation of project HSW tenders and verify the contractors’ HSW competencies, knowledge and resources.
  • Advice on the approval of HSW plans for projects including guidance on safety performance in terms of hazard and risks. Recommend how to monitor compliance-based safety and how to engender behaviour-based safety.
  • Advise on construction project HSW outcome and any unsettled items. 


Lean Implementation

  • Lean opportunity assessment
  • Lean safety
  • Lean culture
  • Lean leadership
  • Lean tools

Advisory Services 

Construction Management

Project Management

Health, Safety and Well-being